5 Things We Learned About The First Human On This Earth

The First Human

When you think about the first human on this Earth, what comes to mind? Some people might think of someone who is really early in the timeline and explored our world with no technology. Others might picture a Neanderthal woman who was strong, physically fit, and dangerous like many other prehistoric creatures. While these two are very different, they share something key trait: both would have been hunter-gatherers; that means living off the land and following their own rules.

Why do some people think that our planet is 5.5 billion years old?

There is a lot of debate surrounding the age of our planet, and some people believe that it is much older than 5.5 billion years old.

Some scientists believe that our planet is actually 4.5 billion years old. They point to evidence that suggests that the Earth was probably not completely formed until after the big bang.

Others believe that the Earth is only 6,000-10,000 years old, and they based this belief on archaeological findings and Bible scripture.

No one really knows for sure how old our planet really is, but we will continue to explore all the different theories in order to figure out the answer.

How did the Earth get here?

One of the most important questions that scientists have been trying to answer for centuries is how the Earth got here. We know that the Earth is around 4.5 billion years old and that it has been through many stages in its history. However, we don’t know exactly how it all started.

Some scientists believe that the Earth began as a cloud of gas and dust. Over time, this cloud grew and eventually formed the planet we know today. Other scientists believe that the Earth may have started out as a single rock orbiting around the sun. It’s still unclear which theory is correct, but scientists are continuing to study this topic in order to figure it out.

What were the first dinosaurs like?

The first humans on this earth were probably quite different from the dinosaurs that we know today. For one thing, they may have been a bit taller than the average dinosaur. They probably also looked quite different, as there is evidence that they had skin colors other than black and green.

It is unclear exactly when the first humans appeared on this earth, but it is believed that they evolved from earlier primates. According to some researchers, the first humans may have even been able to walk on two legs. It is still a mystery how these early humans managed to survive and thrive in such a hostile environment.

How did humans evolve into the species we see today?

1. How did humans evolve into the species we see today?

There is much debate surrounding this question, but one theory suggests that humans evolved from earlier primates. Over time, humans developed bigger brains and began to use tools and weapons. This led to the development of complex societies and civilizations.

2. How does DNA play a role in human evolution?

Another theory proposes that natural selection played a role in human evolution. This means that those members of a species that were better able to survive and reproduce were more likely to become the dominant group. This process is sometimes called “the survival of the fittest”.

Whatever the cause, it is clear that humans have evolved into an amazing species with a lot of potential. Thanks for reading!

Did dinosaurs once live with us?

Scientists have long been debating the existence of dinosaurs and whether they once lived alongside humans. A new study has shed some light on this topic by examining the fossil record.

The study found that there is evidence that dinosaurs and humans coexisted for a period of time. This means that, although there was a gap in the fossil record where humans were absent, dinosaurs didn’t disappear overnight. It’s possible that they lived together for a while before humans started to develop their own culture and civilizations.

This is an important discovery because it shows that humans and dinosaurs are not as different from each other as we might think. We share a lot of common ancestors, which makes us more closely related to each other than we might think.


As we continue our journey through time, we come to learn more and more about the first human on this earth. Discovering new information about someone who is often considered a historical figure is always fascinating, and in this article we’ve shared 10 things that we learned about the first human. From her diet to her love life, there’s a lot to explore in this article. So read on, and learn some new information about one of history’s most well-known figures.

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