What is Geoe?


Geoe economics is a knowledge that helps us to improve relations with different countries. It tells us how we can solve our problems and not let them arise again. Thanks to this knowledge, different countries can take many actions for their economic interest and get guidance. In this, such decisions are taken that the decisions of one country have an impact on other countries so that they can also calculate their products and their characteristics and improve their trade and investment.

With the wealth of this knowledge, we can improve our relations at the international level as well because it helps one country to know the economic conditions of another country and can help it. Geoe can affect the political and military goals of any country because it makes decisions in the light of economic profit. This is a knowledge that can be used to improve international relations, trade politics and international economics relations.

About Geoe economics:

1: Geoe economic is a science that studies the economic relations between different countries, understands them and tries to help them accordingly.

2: It understand how different countries improve trade relations between each other and what effects it has and what effect it has on their economic stability.

3: It considers how the economic output of different countries can be improved and how it can analyze between them.

4: When many countries invest together, they also study many effects on them.

5: It helps different countries by providing them economic guidance on how thay can make and analyze economic decisions.

6: It also helps other countries. It also provides guidelines for strengthening economic relations.

7: It is a knowledge that tells different countries how they can overcome the obstacles to their economic profits by analyzing these difficulties.

8: This knowledge is also important because in this we analyze how we can reduce the opportunities of economic relations and unemployment.

9: It helps other countries in such a way that they can improve their economic profits.

10: At the same time it enables the government of the country to use economic measures and policies to improve and strengthen its economic energies.

11: It studies he how the country government can improve their investment with other countries and what will be the effects, it also tries to improve the Mali relations and analyze their effects.

12: Geoe economics is a knowledge that compares the economic condition of different countries, their ways of development, the ways of strengthening their energy, so that they can strengthen the economic relations of this country and increase them.

13: It providing guidelines to the countries by which they can increase their economic profit and achieve development.

14: This knowledge also uses many blocks in which one wants to know the thing. How we can improve our economic relations with other countries and pave the way for development.

15: Because of these blocks we get the guidelines on how we can improve the economic relationship and maximize our commercial profit.

16: When various problems are going on in the country, it can also hinder its economic development, such as health problems, business problems, industrial problems. When the people of our country do not recover, it also reduce our international relations because it reduce our trades and trade restrictions are also increased.

17: Because of Geo economics we can improve economic relations with different countries because it provides us with guidelines to improve and develop relations with them.

18: Thanks to this knowledge we can establish many economic relations. Apart from that, we can make pickled shoes with them, improve our investment and improve relations with them at the government level as well.

19: Due to Geo economics, attention is also paid to the foreign policy of different countries. It prefer that we should improve our economic relations because if our economic relations are better then our economic condition can also improve. And our trade relations can improve, which can also improve our foreign policy.


In short, Geoe economics is a knowledge that can analyze the economic strength of any country and tell us how we can improve it , Thanks to this knowledge, the economic relations of any country can be understood and an attempt can be made to understand the exchange of services. Because of Geoe economics, we can analyze these economics relationships and guide different countries on how they can get their economic guidance, develop and facilitate the pat of development. It is a knowledge that provides us guidance for economic, financial and various economic initiatives.

It is a knowledge that after analyzing we gain many experiences and skills. From which we get economic guidance, our financial policy is improved and we get guidance in various economic initiatives.

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