Borderland Beat (BB) is an English language news blog

Borderland Beat

Borderland Beat

According to the website, “BORDERLAND BEAT (BB)is an English language news blog that reports on the ongoing war between drug cartels and Mexican authorities. The blog provides readers with up-to-date information on gun battles, shootouts, murders, and kidnappings in Ciudad Juárez from journalists that work for the various newspapers in Juarez.”

The Borderland Beat started as a small blog in 2008, but has grown to be one of the most trusted sources for information about drug-related violence and corruption.

The Borderland Beat is a site dedicated to reporting about shootings, kidnappings, murders etc. amongst other events happening in Ciudad Juárez which is situated south of El Paso, Texas. The site is known for its accuracy and seems to be credible due.

Borderland Beat is a blog written originally in Spanish, but now in English as well. It covers the borderlands of Mexico and the U.S., including political, security and social events.

The idea for this blog came from an American journalist who used to work for Reuters and Univision, but left their jobs to pursue her lifelong dream of starting her own journalism project on the borderlands. The journalist wanted to use storytelling as a tool for policy reform, especially since other journalistic outlets often lacked information on these topics due to geographical reasons.

The website was launched in January 2016, and it has grown into a new outlet that is funded by readers instead of advertising or wealthy backers

Borderland Beat covers various topics related to Mexico-U.S relations such as migration, drug trafficking, illegal

Borderland Beat is an English language news blog that covers Mexican drug trafficking, the Northern Triangle of Central America (El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala), and U.S. border issues.

Borderland Beat was founded by a group of journalists in 2010 as an independent news blog to cover Mexican drug trafficking and the U.S.-Mexico border region. The website originated in El Paso, Texas but has since moved to San Diego.

The site has published over 11,000 articles in several languages including Spanish, English, Portuguese, Dutch, French, and German on a range of topics such as national security issues at the US-Mexico border; Mexico’s drug trade; human rights violations affecting migrants from Central America; how Mexico’s criminal groups operate; cross-border environmental damage caused by

Borderland Beat is an English Language news blog that was founded in 2009 during the Mexican Drug War. The blog is written by a team of correspondents who are on the ground reporting about what’s going on in Mexico and Central America.

Borderland Beat publishes daily coverage of the drug war, immigration, environmental issues, politics and more from their correspondents in Mexico and Central America. It covers all aspects of the Mexican Drug War with its many facets, including human rights abuses, law enforcement operations and citizen resistance movements.

Borderland Beat is an English language news blog that has been researching and reporting on border, immigration, and drug trafficking issues since 2010. They are one of the few sources of reliable english-language information in the region.

The Borderland Beat (BB) is a media outlet that provides news and in-depth analysis on border, immigration, and drug trafficking matters since 2010. Reporting from Mexico to Central America to Canada, they provide some only reliable English-language info in the region.

Robert, who was born in southern Mexico and raised in the United States, founded Borderland Beat in 2005. He has reported from the Mexican border for over 10 years.

The blog covers news from the U.S.-Mexico border and international events that have a significant impact on both countries.

Borderland Beat is dedicated to providing an accurate, insightful, and engaging view of the shared issues that face both nations and their citizens living on either side of what has been called “the most militarized border in the world”.

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Borderland Beat (BB) is an English language news blog in which the journalists often cover the latest events and findings on the border of the United States and Mexico.

Borderland Beat covers border security, politics, international relations, immigration and environmental issues in order to report on what’s happening on both sides of the border.

The founder of Borderland Beat was born in El Paso, Texas but now resides in Bogotá, Colombia with his family. Borderland Beat has been publishing news stories since 2013.

The writers for Borderland Beat are a diverse group who have backgrounds as political scientists, journalists, diplomats, and development specialists

Borderland Beat is an English language news blog founded in 2008 by Catherine Pierce and David Brown.

It is typically dubbed as a “must read” for anyone who lives near the US-Mexico border.

The Borderland Beat blog covers international, national, and local stories on the US-Mexico border. It also offers a number of other features including interviews with experts, student projects and comic strips created by artists from the border region.

Borderland Beat is a non-profit English language news blog that publishes news and investigative articles about drug trafficking, immigration, human rights and environmental issues in the Northern Mexico region. The site was founded by Javier Sicilian in 2012.

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