5 Signs That You Need a New PC for Work


New PC for Work

If you work within a business, the odds are you’re using a computer. Nowadays, a lot of us are working from home – we’re using laptops or PCs in the comfort of our own home; and while there are some benefits to this, one downside is that it can be difficult to know when you need a new PC. Tech Quarters, who provide IT support in London, told us about their experience of managing employee’s equipment after going remote. When you’re in the office, you don’t really have to worry about hardware maintenance, because an IT administrator or other engineer will usually perform routine checks on all the equipment – installing upgrades, or replacing things altogether, where necessary.

When everyone is working from home, it’s much harder for IT departments to perform these types of checks; and so it is good for the individual to know the red flags of an outdated PC. Below are some issues to look out for:

  1. Slow Startup & Shutdown

Your computer should really take no more than a minute to start-up and be fully ready to use – and likewise with shutting down. If it is taking a long time, then it most likely means that the computer’s hardware is struggling to run and support the software correctly. This can also carry over to how quickly your computer is able to boot applications, browse the internet, and more.

Due to heavy usage, a computer will only get slower and less efficient, and so if you notice that everything takes several minutes to complete, it is probably time to replace the machine.

  1. Poor Multi-tasking

At work, it is often necessary to be juggling a couple of things at a time; in terms of your PC, this corresponds to having multiple apps open at once, and processing multiple tasks simultaneously. If your PC struggles with that, it is not a good sign. The culprit to this issue is typically the random access memory (RAM) – every application requires short-term memory while it is running, and so the more applications running at once, the more RAM you need. The problem might also be with the CPU, which is responsible for executing every task on the PC.

If your job requires you to multitask, don’t rely on an old machine. It is worth looking for a PC that is up to the job.

  1. Outdated Operating System

The Operating System is the collection of software that is necessary for you to use your PC – without an OS, you would need to have a deep understanding of coding to even operate a computer. It is essential to be using the most up-to-date version of whichever Operating System is installed on your PC. Not only will this ensure you’re getting the best performance and the latest features, it also keeps your security up-to-date.

However, if you are unable to update your operating system, this could be a sign that your PC’s hardware doesn’t support the newer versions of the software. With software only getting more sophisticated and advanced, there will be no place for old hardware.

  1. Noisy while in use

Computers require a cooling system, because extended or intensive use means lots of energy is passing through the hardware, which will cause it to heat up. A noisy fan is a sign that the hardware has gotten very hot, and hot hardware indicates heavy usage.

But what if you’ve only just turned on your PC and the fan is already noisy? If simply starting up your PC is enough to make the hardware overheat, this is not a good sign. A computer should be able to execute small tasks without taxing the hardware, and so your hardware needs cooling down after even the most simple tasks, it’s probably a sign to look for a PC with better / newer hardware.

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