Best Computer Science Careers in 2022

Best Computer Science

After a student graduates from a Master in Computer Science program, countless opportunities await. Compared to any other subject area, computer science is the broadest one. The jobs and career opportunities you get in computer science are more than enough. Millions of international students pursue Masters in Computer Science from the USA, UK, Canada and many other countries every year. Besides, it is also one of the most lucrative areas of interest.

Computer Science Careers

There must be many reasons why computer science is constantly one of the top areas to pursue. Out of all college graduates, more than 20% of students choose computer science as their higher studies subject (data collected surveying top 15 educational countries globally, 2019). One of the major reasons for this is the options you get after mastering computer science fundamentals. It is also why countless specializations are available in the subject.

But which are the best ones? Which specialization should you choose in computer science to get the most out of? Because having too many options can be confusing. Even if you have particular interests, you are likely to find ten different paths to go for it. For example, the cloud subset of computer science has ten different specializations.

Best Computer Science Careers to Choose in 2022

Currently, the possibilities to have a huge career in computer science are very accessible. All you have to do is know the best options you get in this line of work. Many professionals worldwide have been earning easy six-figure salaries in this field, with jobs paying over $100,000 annual income plus immense career development opportunities.

Here are the best five computer science careers in 2022:

#1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence may not seem like a big name like others on this list. However, we have to consider the relevancy factor here. The growth of careers and employment in the artificial intelligence industry will be huge in the coming years. Precedence Research estimation shows that the artificial intelligence (AI) market will grow to around $1,597 billion by 2030. This figure is from the US economy; other developed countries present similar numbers.

The growth of the AI industry has crossed all estimations, and it is likely to be one of the top industries shortly. Its involvement in core computer science, IoT, and network technology has made it even more important. Choosing a career in artificial intelligence now is the right choice.

#2. Data Science

Data science is currently the most popular area in the technology sector. Data science is among the top #3 professions in top developed countries like the USA, UK, Singapore and Canada. Data science professionals are highly valued and well paid in the current market. The report by LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs ranked data science as the fastest growing globally. Since 2012, it has shown a growth of over 650% and its market value is estimated to grow from $37.9 billion to $230.80 billion 2019-26).

Data science demand and salary are growing remarkably. There have been countless reports and figures showing that data science is a good career in 2022. In the technical sector, you can consider data science as the #1 choice given the present circumstances.

#3. Cloud Computing/Engineering

Cloud computing and engineering are core areas in computer science you can specialize in. With growing technology and business globalization, it is logical to think this statement is only true. Not just in computer science or any academic area, even the gaming industry is now relying on cloud computing and engineering. The Cloud era is the new future in computer science. However, you need certain skill-sets to get into cloud computing/engineering.

To achieve the best results in this area, you have to be –

  • Detail-oriented individual with quality organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Analytical professional with problem-solving abilities, creativity, and ingenuity

#4. Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is very diverse and spread over the industry. The tasks and operations in this field majorly involve the technical aspects of mobile applications. You work on design, structure, programming, UI etc. The global mobile application market in 2019 was estimated at USD 154.05 billion. By the year 2020, it will reach USD 170.52 billion. Upcoming years show great inflation in this sector, with major technology development and new services.

If you are into mobile applications and want to make a career, now is the right time. Working with android and IOS systems, you learn many transferable skills that can be helpful all along with your career life.

#5. Software Development

No records or numbers are needed to decide how good a software development career is for computer science aspirants. For years, it has been the top choice in computer science, with the most diverse work options and big paychecks. The stereotype of software developers being extremely successful has not come from dust. A software envelope at the right place can earn around $110,000 (about 86 lakhs).

If you think this is impressive, thick again. The top 25% of software development professionals worldwide earn above $140,000 annual salary. This figure is equivalent to around 1.1 crores of yearly income (excluding bonus). Is it enough to convince an individual to a software development career?


By no means can you find a subject area that can give you as many options as computer science with such earning potential. Besides, you can find computer science programs in almost all universities abroad and anywhere in the world. Let it be in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Singapore or any other country; CS is successful everywhere. So do not overthink your decision and plan a career in computer science now.

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