10 Benefits of Email Marketing That Your Marketing Team Should Know

If you’re a marketer, you may have heard your coworkers in the water cooler discussing the death of email marketing. This has been a prevalent problem for a lot of marketing departments. But I’m here to remind you that you shouldn’t be worried because email marketing is in good shape. Forty % of B2B marketers agree that emails are the most important to their success with content marketing, 70% of the millennials would prefer messages from companies to be delivered via emails.

Additionally, 99 percent of users check their email each day, and it’s most likely to be the most preferred method to get notifications from companies. As marketers, we cannot ignore these numbers. This is why it’s crucial to create a solid plan for marketing via email. Let’s look at the most significant advantages of email marketing that will show why it’s among the top marketing techniques.

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1. Create content that is customized.

Email marketing is a way to personalize your marketing campaigns and produce specific content. Personalization could be as simple as adding a contact’s name within the message. Emails containing the names of recipients within their subject line will have an increased click-through rate than emails that don’t. However, you can also design unique content based on segmenting your target audience so that you can send the correct emails to the correct clients. For example, you might need to send out a mailer marketing program to your returning customers and another for customers who have never been before.

One of the major advantages of email marketing is that the content you send out can be tailored to your customers’ requirements. The emails you send out could have different variations, such as different subjects or images, to boost your engagement. It is possible to make segmented lists according to location or levels of engagement. For a successful marketing plan for email, it is imperative to make sure that you send the right emails to the appropriate people at the right moment. This is where segmentation and personalization can be helpful.

2. Surveys and feedback are a great way to collect feedback.

Monitoring the customer experience is useful if you want customers to keep coming back to interact with you, be engaged, and buy with your company. Marketing via email can help you with this. For example, you can conduct surveys on customer satisfaction to get feedback from customers through email marketing campaigns. This is one of the most effective methods to determine your Net Promoter Score (NPS). The score can help you figure out the percentage of your customers whom you can call brand ambassadors and those who are not. With this data, you will be able to think of strategies to improve the customer’s experience.

3. Improved sales.

Although email marketing is an excellent tool for marketing, it can also improve your sales. Five percent of marketers believe that email is their most important source of return on investment. Likewise, marketers who used segmented campaigns can see as high as, 7600 percent increase in revenues. Email marketing campaigns may feature products or services, entice customers to buy even after abandoning their carts, or offer special deals to customers.

Additionally, 59% of those who participated in this survey believe that marketing emails affect their buying decision. Email marketing campaigns can be easily integrated with messages to motivate a purchase for people who are more likely to purchase from you due to their willingness to subscribe to your emails and notifications. Furthermore, you can use emails to streamline some aspects of the sales procedure, which could help boost sales, too. For example, using the free email marketing tool from HubSpot, you can automate sales drips and send out automated emails to potential customers those salespeople would like to follow up.

4. Connect with your target audience.

As a marketer, it’s vital to enhance how you communicate with your customers. If your customers feel like they can speak to them, they’re more likely to be loyal to your brand. Think about it: people like awesome emails. Consider your previous experience when you got an email with a marketing message from a company you like you find it annoying, or did you like seeing the latest information? If it’s a brand that you enjoy, you likely liked the experience, and it kept you in contact with your favorite brands.

Through email marketing, you’ll be able to connect with your target audience and effortlessly communicate via brand ambassadors. Additionally, these emails keep your customers engaged all seasons, no matter the busy or slow season. Just keep in mind to set your daily emailing limit, else your screen will have [pii_email_58a6a619fc3ea359fade] and [pii_email_e9d48ac2533bded18981] email errors for you.

5. To drive traffic to your site.

What is the best way to distribute the content to your target audience if you create excellent content? Most likely, you will send an email. You’ll drive people to your site through emails for marketing and increase your SEO. In addition, you’ll keep your visitors interested in your website and brand. For instance, many people have come to this page through an email sent to you by HubSpot. It’s because emails are an exceptional way to offer an audience with value, and we do this by including our content in our emails and driving traffic. If you’re writing emails that link to your website, be aware that each email should include an action (CTA) so that readers can visit your website.

6. Sending out timely campaigns.

Even though traditional marketing campaigns have a specific time and location, they can take months to plan and execute. You don’t know if your target audience is likely to notice your campaign’s content on the correct date and time. But, with email marketing, it is possible to develop a whole campaign with shorter notice as they’re not as difficult to design. In addition, you can ensure that your customers receive your email at the appropriate time. For instance, you could ensure you’re sending information at the right time by segmenting your customers.

7. Growing leads.

Similar to increasing sales, you could also boost leads through marketing via email. In actuality, email marketing uses the inbound technique to build relationships with leads and increase conversion rates. For example, you download a lead magnet from a website. You then start receiving drip emails. And eventually, you decide to schedule a demo to learn more.

You’ve just switched to an MQL and into SQL, which increases the number of marketing team members who have qualified leads that are passed on to your sales staff. Email marketing campaigns can further identify leads to ensure that your sales team won’t be wasting time with bad leads. Additionally, if your business uses lead scoring, you will be able to be aware of whether prospects open your emails or click the links included in your email.

8. Reaching the appropriate people at the right moment.

To have an effective marketing campaign, it is essential to connect with those interested at the appropriate moment. This is a good aspect because it’s crucial. Email marketing makes it much simpler to reach people since they always check their email. They can check their email anytime and on different devices, increasing the effectiveness of any campaign. This means you’re always in the attention of your target audience regularly to ensure that you’re always in their mind.

9. Making cost-effective campaigns that are cost-effective.

Although traditional campaigns such as print or direct are costly, Marketing via email tends to be less expensive. For instance, you don’t need to cover photography sessions, location fees, printing, mailing, or placement. All you require is a copywriter or graphic artist (if you’re not using pictures from stock). It could even be just one person on your team.

Furthermore, email marketing campaigns are quick to create. If you need to, you can make an email in just one morning, making it cheaper than the time required to create an actual print or direct mail campaign. As budgetary and time-related restrictions always impact marketers, campaigns that use email can be more efficient in addition to creating leads and revenue.

10. Offering an increase in value for your audience.

One of the most important objectives of any company is to give value to your clients so that they will remain loyal. Marketing via email is a fantastic opportunity to create loyal customers, as you can offer value even if customers don’t make a purchase. Furthermore, because customers or prospective customers have signed up using email marketing to offer more sources to those curious about your content. If you continue to give value to your readers, they will pay more attention to your message, and you’ll earn a greater return on investment.

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