Breach’s Glamrock Freddy Security

A creative FNAF: Security Breach fan has designed a Furby impressed by Glamrock Freddy, creating for a really totally different reasonably animatronic friend.

A fan of FNAF: Security Breach has smartly reimagined the game’s Glamrock Freddy as a really totally different form of animatronic – a classic Furby. FNAF: Security Breach’s Glamrock robotics place associate degree 80s spin on some acquainted – and a few new – faces from across the FNAF series, and Glamrock Freddy even becomes an exponent of the hero, Gregory, in contrast to previous iterations of Freddy.

FNAF: Security Breach’s Glamrock Freddy

FNAF: Security Breach focuses heavily on a glam-rock aesthetic, seen not simply in its robotics, but conjointly through the planning of the global players realize themselves in – Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex. With its bright colors, fun character accessories, and extremely homesick arcade to explore, FNAF: Security Breach has impressed its several artistic players to style fan art, cosplay, and more, a lot of of that offers a replacement spin on the sport and its characters. additionally, as imagining a bright future for Gregory and Glamrock Freddy through art, one player has even designed their own FNAF Fazwatch through 3D printing, paying deference to Glamrock Freddy himself.

Redditor Bluebird-Extreme has paid their own deference to FNAF: Security Breach’s Glamrock Freddy with their handstitched Furby supported the animatronic.

The Furby comes complete with Freddy’s signature orange fur, hat, and lighting bolt style, creating an ideal Furby version of Gregory’s relief.

Once touted by Hasbro as an associate degree “animatronic marvel,” a Furby is over a fitting toy for a Glamrock Freddy recreation, and therefore the endearing creature has been a success on Reddit.

Just like FNAF’s several animatronic characters, Furby toys area unit either seen these days as cute or terrific, with the latter image not helped by the creatures’ robotic speech, and stories of the toys reacting and speaking even once house owners have placed them away.

At the side of Glamrock Freddy, their area unit a bunch of alternative FNAF characters that might wreak a wonderful Furby creation, with smaller enemies like FNAF 4’s Freddles being a very smart choice thanks to their short stature.

The 5 Nights at Freddy’s series has seen loads of official merchandise over the years, however actual robotics just like Bluebird-Extreme’s Furby would probably be a success with the franchise’s several fans.

The FNAF Furby has seen over two,000 upvotes on Reddit at the time of writing, proving there is positive interest in players taking their own Glamrock Freddy home with them.

Furbies area unit somewhat factious currently, however, this simply makes them additional admire the various terrifying-yet-oddly-lovable robotics from across each the sport series and FNAF: Security Breach.

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