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Valheim Wiki Guide

Welcome to IGN’s Valheim Wiki guide, here you may realize everything you would like to understand concerning the Viking-based multiplayer survival game.

Whether you are simply obtaining started or you are a complicated player, we’ve got you coated in our complete Wiki guide which incorporates everything from tips and tricks, how-to guides, building and sailing guides, moreover because the best cheats and mods to contemplate exploitation throughout your playthrough.

Cheats and Codes List (Console Commands)

Let’s face it, survival games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, particularly after they are as difficult and unforgiving as Valheim. however, that is wherever cheats are available in, as even the foremost dedicated Vikings might want to resort to cheats each currently and so for a touch little bit of fun.

Whether {you’re looking|you are looking} to respawn some hard-earned things merely|that you just} lost to the lowest of the ocean or are simply when one thing a touch additional restful like inventive mode, let IGN guide you thru everything you would like to understand concerning sanctionative cheats and exploitation the various console commands that are on the market to use in Valheim.

20 Essential Tips and Tricks for obtaining Started in Valheim

From gathering provides, building shelters, getting a fishing pole, exploitation cheats, creating a brand new spawn purpose, and general everyday survival tips and tricks which will have you ever living the planet of Valheim with ease.

How-To Guides

Stuck and with a serving to hand? Look no more than our careful How-To Guides below that cowl everything from building a shelter, exploitation the cheats and also the command console, repairing things, building a hearth inside, finding silver ore, then abundant more! to seek out|searching for} even more? inspect our How-To Guides Hub to find a whole list of all our guides.

Boss Guides

Think you are able to strive against the Valheim’s most difficult bosses? For a whole walkthrough that covers everything you would like to understand concerning finding every one of the 5 bosses, at the side of the way to summon them, and the way to defeat them, inspect our careful boss guides below:

Items List

The world of Valheim is packed with things to find, from raw materials to animal hides, and everything in between. Our things List goes into nice detail concerning each item and item spawn code within the game, moreover, like the way to acquire every item, whether or not that is through discovery or maybe crafting.

Building Guide

Survival is essential in Valheim, and any sensible Viking is aware of you will not survive long while not a correct place to decide home. Not solely is building a shelter necessary within the early game, it is also necessary for crafting additional advanced things and keeping you protected against numerous enemies.

Our building walkthroughs below can guide you thru the way to construct a base, offer building tips, and far additional.


Whether you are stuck or just would like a refresher, we’ve got you coated in our complete breakdown of the laptop controls for Valheim.


As you explore the planet of Valheim, you will encounter a variety of various creatures. These can vary from passive, that will not interact unless aggravated, while hostile creatures wish nothing quite to form your journey additional nerve-racking.


Whether it’s finding out resources you’ll acquire, creatures you may encounter, or just making an attempt {to discover|to get|to realize} the various points of interest you’ll find whereas exploring the biomes, we’ve got you coated in our careful biomes guides below.

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