What is Baldezinho?


Baldezinho is a game that we can play just like football, but it is played on a smaller scale. Only four players can play in it.Baldezinho game is increasing day by day. A specific method is adopted to play this game, which is called the Brazilian method. The beauty of this game is that we don’t need any big playground for it. We can also play it in a small space. The reason for the popularity of this game is that this game can be played at any place at any time.

 The biggest thing is that people of any age can play it, there is no age limit. Beldexinho is a game in which the player has to perform all the movements while standing still. Such as passing, scoring goals and running fast etc. For this process, the players have to be ready all the time so that they can perform their movements well. In this baldezinho game, the player has to make quick decisions so that he can defend his team.

 The biggest advantage of this sport is that it keeps us physically fit. It also does not waste our mental energy. Because of this game, we continue to exercise and we also play games. Team safety is also very important for us in Baldezinho sport because if we work together with the team, keep reviewing their movements then we can play the game in a better way.

1:Mastering the Basics: Baldezihno  is a game that very few people know about. Everyone thinks that it is played like football, but it is a completely different game from football which is played in a different way. Every player should know about the team.

2:Unlocking Advance Techniques: Many techniques are used in Baldezinho game which are as follow.

1: The first technique is that it takes care of our fitness, we stay fit while playing this game.

 2: Second is that in this we learn how to build a team, how we can build a team because we need to build a team during the game so that we can work together when attacking the goal.

 3: The third is that we must have defensive skills. We must know when we should stop the goal and with what method it can be stopped.

 4: The fourth skill is that we should know how to score a goal and when it can be scored.

3:The Evolution: Beldezinho is a famous game, many people consider it as football, but it cannot be played like football. This game has some features of its own. The purpose of this game was to start a football-like game on a small scale. But slowly baldezinho has developed so much that it can now be played on a big level. Many challenges were also faced to keep this game continuous so that the quality of this game can be maintained. It has become a game that attracts the interest of all kinds of players and entices them to play this game.

4:The Art of Defence: While playing this game, we should also take defense skills. If we have defense scales then we can easily master this game. We can respond to any attack. Can stop any goal and easily win this game. We need such defence skill that we can save the goal. We need such skill that we can play our game with full preparation no matter what difficulties we face but we are playing this game properly.

5:Challenges: Baldezinho is a game in which we may face many challenges. These challenges are as fellows.

 1: How we can improve these techniques?

 2: The second is that we have to develop the mentality of how we can make our decisions and these decisions should be correct according to the time.

 3: The third is that we should take care of our mental health and how we can improve our mental health.

6:The Ultimate Workout Routine: In this game we have to work out completely. Which is very helpful for us to improve our physical fitness and skills. It includes all kinds of work out such as skill training, endurance or doing the right thing at the right time etc.

7:Enhance your Game: Baldezinhno is a game that improves our playing skill and enables us to play it successfully and achieve success when we play this game. It improves our goals skills for us, tell us how we can stay fit, how we can prepare our game.


Because Baldezinho is a game that helps us improve our playing skill. This game is just like football but it cannot be played like football. Only four players can play in it at a time. In this game, we also do our physical and mental training and try to keep ourselves fit. Because of this game, we also learn the skill of playing togrther.

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