What is that which flows by?


Flow refers to such a state or condition, that when we are doing something and we are so engaged in it that we feel happy while doing that work. And we don’t even have an idea of time while doing this work and we get so busy in this work. In this we feel that when we are working, we have no idea of time, but we are working in it with our pleasure. Our heart is working with pleasure in it.

Don’t care about anything. In this way we can engage ourselves in an excellent work and make the best use of our time. It is a work in which our heart is also supporting this thing and we happily engage in this work. It can also be useful for us as we can get the best information about any of our things in it. We can know this thing more deeply because in the state of flu we are know anything considering our emotions, our intelligence and physical condition.

When we engage in this work, we have no idea of time at all. Rather, we are doing this work along with our happiness and expanding our experiences. The state of slowness is very important not only for our work but for every aspects of our life because if we do any work of life with heart, in the state of flow then it will prove to be best for us.

1:Elements to Flow: In order to do any work, it is important that we know about it which elements are necessary, similarly the following elements are necessary to engage in flow work. The first point is that we have experience, if we do any work without experience, then we will fail in it. The second is that we have the resonance to use our full potential, both emotionally and intellectually, to do the work. The third point is presence, which means that when we work, we completely immerse ourselves in this work, we do not even realize the time.

2:Flow in Action: The experience done is the state of flu gives us a lot of benefit because it is very interesting. It is a moment that makes us completely attached to the era and helps us to improve the experience.

3:Achieving Flows: If we want to achieve the state of flow, it is important that we are acquiring skill which can be achieved through the following methods. .First of all, we should accept the challenge that we should accept the challenge that is being given to us and achieve it.

. The second is that we get full engagement with this work because if we are completely attached to it then only we can do this work completely and achieve success.

.The third is that we can divide the time in such a way that we can complete our work easily.

.The fourth point is that we also use feedback during work is getting.

. Fifth, even if we take a break, we should not continue working because this way we will get tired of work.

. Sixth is that we give ourselves challenges during work and prove to ourselves that we can do this work.

4:Flow as a Lifestyle:

If we use flow in our daily life, we can improve our life through our hard work. Valuable in this way we can engage in various tasks and complete our tasks on time. Following are the way to use flu in your daily life.

. The first point is that we choose the challenge that we are good at and can achieve it.

. Can do and what is the best time in which we can complete this task.

 .Show complete engagement in this work.

. It should not be done that if we do not want to do the work with heart, then do it anyway.

5:Flow in Habits and Leisure: It is not only used in our daily life activities but it also greatly affects our hobbies. As these hobbies can include the love of painting, the love of flowers arrangements, the love of solving any problems, the love of home decoration etc and the love of reading books and music etc. If we do these hobbies with flu, we can master them.


In short, Flow is very important in our life, if we do any work with flow, then we can achieve complete success in it. If there is no flow in our work, then we cannot perform this work in a better way because this flow is the proof of our success for us. If we work through the flow, it keeps us fully engaged, challenges us and gives us the kind of success we get by engaging in this work.  

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