What is Gayxtaes?


.Contain different narrative: Gayxtaes is a very information article that can contain different narratives, it can also describes different experience such as movies, plays, books, comic and other traditional sources etc. In it, the stories of many individuals are uncovered and told to the public.

.Work of Art: These stories are told at the economic, political, social level and their importance is highlighted. These can also be called works of art. Because they have the ability to change our traditions, because of gayxtaes, we are familiar with the stories of people who are not among us, but they may belong to different nations, religions and different cultures.

.Changes: Through this, we have seen various changes in many traditions which are forced or live according to the new era by understanding the new social and economic conditions. It has the ability to change a person’s life in such a way that it takes a person’s life in a new way and leads to the further. It tells how we can learn from different stories and improve our lives.

What is Diverse Perspectives in Gayxtaes?

.A moment: Gayxtaes is a moment in which we can feel a lot of feeling and love because it can tell many stories that relate to different lives of people. It challenges us in such a way that it exposes us to different ideas. With its help, we look at the artist term from a new perspective, in which we think about how people try to evaluate their feelings and emotions and love from one angle.

.Special feature: One of its special features is that in it we study different languages, societies, history of different cultures, their religious feelings and emotions in front of them and see how each person story is different from others.It can vary from person to person and thus they can get different experience. Because everyone has different experience in their life and they want to share it with others so that we can get to know about each other and get full information about their story.

What are Celebrating Queer Narratives?

.Different views of life: It introduces us to different views of life and tells us how we can live life by keeping different decisions in life. It gives us the opportunity to go deeper into life and allows us to know how we can put life in  a different perspective. Here we get a chance to see stories that are full of different experiences and introduce us to social norms in general.

.Unique Experience: In it we learn that every  person has unique experience in his life and his story is completely different from another person. He tries to share his history with others, his experience to others. Tries to increase by sharing with. In this, each person’s story is given importance, it is respected and its story is made acceptable.

What is Championing Inclusivity?

.Share stories: Gayxtaes  is a place where we can share our story with our own standards without fear. Our voice plays a very important role in this. In this, the ability of each individuals is appreciated in this the importance is given to how a person is telling his story.

.Voice: His voice is a very important part in all this. Observing any voice is the most important process because it tells the story of each person and reflects his life experiences. It has very important implications and makes the uniqueness of the person acceptable.

.Accept Uniqueness:  Because if no one will accept his uniqueness then he will never give a chance to accept his feeling so that he can express his feelings. Based on this, you can tell your story in a better way. Therefore, each person’s experiences and story should be respected and their uniqueness should be accepted.

How it can Analyzing Storytelling?

.Importance: Storytelling experience is very important because if a person has storytelling experience, he can easily express his feelings to the person in front of him. Gayxtaes is a field where we get the experience of understanding different stories.

.A complete different: It tells the stories in a way that presents a completely different from the social norms it exposes with the experiences of each person’s story. The skill of telling a story has the skill of changing the experiences of human beings because if a person knows how to tell a story, then he shows what he is feelings and what were his impression at that time. In this way, we acquire the skill to see the world from a different angle and make our uniqueness acceptable.


In short, gayxtaes is a place where we get the experience of seeing the world from a new perspective. It shows how a person describes his reality, he uses stories etc to describe his reality and describes the events in his life through them.

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