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Compliance Management

This article discusses the Compliance Management System and what Nimonik has to offer in this regard. Before going further we’d better understand what a system is. There are many definitions, but it can be said that the system is a collection of elements that are interrelated with each other to achieve a common goal. The intended goals can vary, for example, certain activities, certain achievements, and certain assessments. So the Compliance Management System can be interpreted as a collection of interrelated elements that work to achieve certain arrangements in order to realize compliance with laws, regulations, and certain standards.

A Compliance Management System is a digital system, meaning it is software designed to ensure compliance with certain laws, regulations, and standards. Who is this software intended for? For organizations or companies. This system is usually applied to organizations and companies with complex operational performance.

Every modern organization/company must implement compliance management otherwise they will run into problems. Many problems can occur, ranging from production delays, production stoppages, life-threatening work accidents, and defects, to lawsuits which in many cases can stop production activities permanently. If you are a company owner, often breaking the rules can erode your profits (and possibly hurt you in total).

It is impossible to comply with all kinds of laws, regulations, and standards manually

Broadly speaking, there are approximately 400 thousand regulations, and 40 thousand industry standards. Every year, their number is never the same. There are always additions and subtractions (which are adjusted). Even without these additions and adjustments, it would be impossible for all of us to comply with them manually (without the help of software). That’s what the Compliance Management System like the one offered by Nimonik inc. was created for! We have investigated some of the most popular ones and found that the one offered by Nimonik is one of the best.

Nimonik Compliance Management System: Why is it the best?

Everyone has a reason, including the fact that the Nimonik Compliance Management System is the best. The compliance we have discussed at length usually boils down to EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety), EHSQ (Environment, Health, Safety, and Quality), and ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), three factors that fall within the scope of Nimonik Compliance Management System.

With Nimonik, every organization/company can realize integrated compliance, supported by a very thorough identification of the various laws, regulations, and standards that affect it. Today there are various kinds of industry requirements, for example, ISO 14001, 45001, and 9001. The integration between compliance (to internal and external obligations) and identification is ultimately personalized according to the real expectations and needs of each user organization/company.

Whether you are trying to comply with requirements in ISO 14001, 45001, 9001, IATF, or any other standard – you must determine your compliance with your obligations. Nimonik’s simplified solution brings together software, regulatory content, industry standards, and experts to help you implement a personalized compliance management system.

If you work in an organization or company with a large number of employers, the Compliance Management System is for you. The Nimonik Compliance Management System is designed to accommodate a total staff of between five hundred and twenty-five thousand people.

Strong Reputation

It has been proven and is not just a mere claim. So far Nimonik has served big players such as Adidas, Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Boeing, and hundreds of other giant brands. Of course, they would not entrust their compliance management to an incompetent system.

Regular updates

There will be no point if a compliance management system is not updated. Nimonik makes sure it updates the compliance points it manages every year. For example last year tens of thousands of new standards were published and all of them have been organized into the Nimonik’s database, which is organized by categories such as environment, quality, health & safety, HR, and personal.


Compliance management is one of the important pillars for the continuity of modern organizations/companies and Nimonik has proven itself as the best compliance management system provider ever made.

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