Classic Romantic Movies to Watch for the Aesthetics


Even though February 14 is over, every day with our loved ones should be spent as a special day. We all love a good movie night with our better half but when it comes to romantic movie nights, we often run out of movie ideas. Well, if that is also the case with you, we have just the right list of aesthetic vintage movies that are evergreen because of their phenomenal cinematography, stories, and cast, and most importantly, they are all timeless classics. 

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Coming back to the point, here are some of the best classic romance movies that you should watch on your date night. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany’s comes first on our list because the movie features Audrey Hepburn, one of our favorite classic actors. Holly Golightly played by Audrey Hepburn is a young and attractive escort who wants to be married to a rich man and live a respectable life. Holy’s new neighbor Paul Varjak who is also her newfound friend, dreams of one day becoming a well-known author. 

Although Paul has an unrequited love for Holly and things are no longer as simple as they once were, the two are devoted to pursuing their goals. However, life has different plans for them. When it comes to aesthetics and romanticism, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the perfect movie to melt your heart with amazing dialogues, scenes, and a storyline. 

Notting Hill

What would be better than a starry night and a love story starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant? In the movie Notting Hill, Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts portray the most hopeless romantics. The focus of the movie is on William Thacker, the owner of a London bookshop, and Anna Scott, a well-known American actress. William’s world is completely turned upside down when Anna shows up in his bookstore one day. 

Anna makes an effort to lead a laid-back, ordinary existence, but her job keeps coming in the way of her relationship with William. The two must risk their comfort zones for the sake of love. The movie is absolutely dreamy as we see the commoner William falling for a legendary actress who wants William to see her as just a common girl. 

Meet Me in St. Louis

The backdrop of the vintage romantic musical comedy Meet Me in St. Louis is the 1904 World’s Fair. The main focus of the movie is on the four Smith daughters’ education at that time. Along with the Smith family and the world fair, the movie also focuses on Esther Smith, the eldest sister, and her infatuation with her next-door neighbor. 

Meet Me in St. Louis is your go-to classic aesthetic comfort movie when it comes to the musicals, cinematography, story, dialogues, plot, as well as amazing setting. It is a timeless classic when it comes to romance and it never goes wrong on a date night.

Sleepless in Seattle 

Sleepless in Seattle is a romantic movie that discusses the life of a little boy and his grieving widowed father. The eight-year-old son Jonah, observes that Sam hasn’t recovered from the death of his wife, who was also Jonah’s mother. After seeing his father upset for so long, Jonah forces Sam to hunt for a date on public radio. 

A lot of single women hear Sam ultimately on the radio and are attracted to him. Reporter Annie Reed, who is engaged, is drawn to Sam when she listens to him on the radio in Baltimore. Annie writes Sam and asks him to meet her on Valentine’s Day at the Empire State Building, not knowing how he will react. The movie’s amazing ending makes it incredibly enjoyable to watch.


Last but not the least, Casablanca is yet another classic romance movie perfect for a date night. The story is set during World War II in Casablanca. The movie follows the life of Rick Blaine, the owner of a nightclub in Casablanca. Rick’s ex-girlfriend Ilsa and her husband Victor Laszlo visit him one day, and everything changes. 

Since Laszlo is a rebel and the Germans want to kill him, Ilsa asks Rick for help so that she can flee the country. She seeks his assistance but discovers in the end that she has fallen back in love with Rick. If you love some cinematic magic in black and white that makes you fall in love all over again, Casablanca is just the right movie for you. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to romantic movies, nothing beats timeless classics that feel relevant and lovely in all eras. Be it the romance between Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, Audrey Hepburn’s beautiful acting, or the musicals in Meet Me in St. Louis, all these movies have something special about them. So, watch your favorite from the list with your better half and fall in love with each other all over again. 

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