Here is everything we know about the upcoming Rocket League Season 9 including the release date

Rocket League

Rocket League Season 9 will arrive very soon, and we are pleased to share with you all of the most recent news and information pertaining to the upcoming new season.

Since the game’s initial release, which was seven years ago, the gaming community has been absolutely ecstatic about car football, and a big part of the reason for this adoration is that the developers consistently release new content in the form of seasons every few months.

After having played through approximately a month of Season 8, gamers are still enthusiastic about the content that has been provided to them; however, they are now looking for any news or updates regarding Season 9. Psyonix, the developers of Rocket League, will undoubtedly release teasers and sneak peeks as the release date of Rocket League Season 9 draws closer in order to get the gaming community talking about the upcoming content.

The following is a rundown of everything we currently know regarding Rocket League Season 9 (2022):

When will the ninth season of Rocket League be available to download?
The eighth season of Rocket League is currently underway, and the game’s creators have announced on the official Rocket League website that the conclusion of this new season will take place on Wednesday, December 7th, 2022. In most cases, the previous season is immediately followed by the new one.

As a result, it is anticipated that the release date for Season 9 will adhere to the consistent pattern that has been observed over the course of many years and arrive on the same day (7th December 2022). It is anticipated that it will go live on either Thursday, December 8, or Friday, December 9, 2022, at the very latest.

In the upcoming Season 9, will there be any new rewards?
Rocket League players will be thrilled to learn that the upcoming ninth season will bring brand new rewards. New car cosmetics, a new vehicle, new trails, banners, and even a new map are going to be a part of these new rewards.

These brand-new rewards will start to be unveiled as we get closer to the launch of season 9, which will take place later this year.

When will the preview for Season 9 be available online?
The creators of Rocket League will undoubtedly unveil a trailer for season 9 at some point in the future; however, the exact timing of this event is currently unknown to us. This page will be updated to include the Rocket League Season 9 trailer as soon as it becomes available online.

Battle Pass for Rocket League’s Current Season 9
In Rocket League, a new Battle Pass is unlocked every time a new season is made available to players. These Battle Passes will need to be purchased with either in-game or real-world currency in order to be obtained. They have one hundred levels that can be unlocked by players as they compete in the arena, and each of those levels has a reward that can be unlocked at that level. The Battle Pass grants access to a variety of rewards, such as new cosmetic sell RL items , cars, trails, banners, and more.

An announcement was made regarding changes to the Rocket League roster: Williams Resolve, Endpoint, and Oxygen Esports have all signed players from the United Kingdom.

Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) rostermania is in full effect as a number of teams have announced changes to their Rocket League rosters this week, including the signing of players from the United Kingdom.

Esports organizations based in the United Kingdom such as Endpoint and Williams Resolve, as well as Oxygen Esports and others, have recently announced the formation of new rosters. Below you will find three new rosters that feature players from the United Kingdom.

Williams Resolve has introduced their “Quintissentially British” lineup. Shogun and Stumpy, two of Williams Resolve’s cast members, kick off their announcement of new content by joking about assembling a “Quintissentially British” roster. This indicates that the team had a lot of fun preparing this announcement.

Breezi, who hails from Wales, is one of the players on this all-United Kingdom roster, which also includes FlamE, noahsaki, and coach Ethzn (pictured above).

The conversation between Shogun and Stumpy is cut up with shots of the new players dressed up in various costumes, such as wearing football uniforms while eating fish and chips, holding a flag of the United Kingdom while wearing a crown, dressing up as tennis players while eating strawberries, and even dressing up as Sherlock Holmes!

The announcement comes after Williams Resolve made their debut in the Fortnite esports scene and after they hired Welsh talent Tadpole to manage their Rocket League team.

In addition to this, Williams Resolve have signed the entire UK women’s Rocket League roster. On October 12, 2022, Williams Resolve also announced the members of their women’s Rocket League roster for the 2022-2023 season.

They made their debut in the Bubble Trubble Women’s Cup and will be competing in the Women’s Car Ball Championship in the near future.

On the roster are players such as Crimson, who won the gold medal at the Commonwealth Esports Championships, Duckz, who won Insomnia69, and Stvn, who won the silver medal.

Endpoint welcomes on board UK organizations such as Deevo and Crispy. Endpoint also had a good time with their announcement, as Chief Operating Officer Peter Thompson displayed his acting skills alongside their newly signed artist Deevo.

Before revealing his true identity while playing for Endpoint, former Guild and Barcelona player Deevo posed in a costume depicting a “king in the north” from the Game of Thrones television series as well as an MC.

Crispy, a fellow player from the United Kingdom, as well as Simas, a player from Lithuania, and Keda, a coach from Slovenia, have joined Deevo, a former RLCS Season 2 grand finalist and RLCS Season 3 world champion.

The United States-based organization Oxygen Esports also participated in the action by announcing the signing of Archie from SMPR. Their content for the announcement was filmed in London.

In the content below, which features the players cleaning a Rolls Royce, they made the following announcements: UK player Archie, rocket league exchange is very useful, who comes to them from the organization SMPR Esports in the United Kingdom; Dutch players Oaly and Joreuz; and UK coach billy. There is a wealth of talent in the Rocket League in the United Kingdom. The Rocket League London Major was won earlier this year by Moist Esports, whose roster included players from the United Kingdom such as Rise and Joyo.

In other recent developments pertaining to Rocket League UK, it has been determined that Gregan will not be participating as a talent in the RLCS 2022/23 season because his agreement with Psyonix has been voided.

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