Lewdle is a non-offensive, non-judgmental way of describing something that is attractive.


Lewdle is a word that means an attractive item or person. It can be used to describe an inanimate object such as food, clothes, or even a car. It can also be used to describe people of either sex who are sexually desirable and provoke lustful impulses.

In the workplace, lewdles are often used by bosses when speaking about their subordinates, who they find sexually attractive. Alternatively, if lewdle is discussed as an adjective to describe someone at work who has been acting inappropriately, people will say they have been “acting lewdly”.

Lewdle is a lewd term for the female breast.

It is one of the many new, lewd words being added to the English language.

Lewdle is a type of black, opaque icky that gets on your hands, clothes, and hair when you touch old soot. Lewdle can also refer to the material itself.

What is Lewdle?

Our lewdles are constantly evolving. Here’s to a better tomorrow!

Query: What is a lewdle?

A lewdle is a word that can be used as an answer to a question.

Lewdle is a slang term for vomit.

Lewdle is a slang term for vomit.

Lewdle word of the day is a site that features new words from the dictionary as answers to messages sent in.

Etymology: The word lewdle is a variation of lewd, meaning sexual impurity or unchastity.


Lewdle is a word that means to have an excessive or unnecessary amount of something.

A group of children filing into the classroom, all had lewdles of candy that made the teacher know they had been up to some mischief.

“I can’t believe I still have a lewdle of candy leftover,” she said, as she looked into her bag.

Lewdle – verb: a slang word for the act of being ill-tempered after consuming marijuana.

And a dictionary definition for lewdle:

noun: a slang word for being ill-tempered after consuming marijuana

Lewdle is a synonym for lewd.

Lewdle is a synonym for lewd.

Lewdle is an interesting word to describe something that is not up to the standard of being a lewd or unpleasant thing.

Lewdle comes from the English word lewd, and it does not have a negative connotation. It is often used in the United States for things that are not up to the standard of being either lewd or unpleasant, but rather just average.

Lewdle is a word that is related to lewd.

Lewdle means “to become lewd”.

Definition of Lewdle: Lewdle is a word that means to become lewd, which is the opposite of becoming innocent.

Lewdle has been defined as a noun meaning “a person or thing that is lewd.” The word lewdle is an amalgamation of the words lewd and leer.

Lewdle is an amalgamation of the words ‘lewd’ and ‘leer’. It means a person or thing that is ‘lewd’.

The word lewdle is a neologism, which means it is a new word that has been created. The word lewdle was coined from the words ‘loathe’ and ‘slew.’

The Lewdle Word of the Day answers all the questions you may have about lewdles and what they mean.

1) A lewdle is someone that has the tendency to hate another person, or something with great intensity, often without any justification for doing so.

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