The hundred Season 8: off or renewed?

The hundred Season

The hundred season eight has been at the forefront of the series’ fans’ minds since the conclusion of season seven. The post-apocalyptic TV series has been one amongst the foremost no-hit fantasy dramas of all time. The hundred relies on Kass Morgan’s young adult fantasy book of constant name. With varied award nominations and a seven.6 out of ten IMDb rating, it’s no surprise the series ventilated on the CW — and after Netflix — for such an extended time.
Let’s review all the main points we all know thus far regarding the fate of The hundred, season eight.

The hundred Season 8: unleash Date and Cancellation

The first season of The hundred ab initio ventilated on The CW on St Joseph, 2014. The series was developed by Jason Rothenberg and ventilated for a complete of seven seasons, comprised of precisely a hundred episodes. The seventh and final season ventilated on could thirty, 2020 and concluded on Sept thirty, 2020. Though the series was well received, holding a ninety-three % average approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes across its seven seasons, systematically declining viewership was seemingly thought-about within the call to renew the series for associate degree eighth season.

A prequel series to The hundred was started by Jason Rothenberger for The CW in Gregorian calendar month 2019. The 100’s seventh and final season enclosed a backdoor pilot episode known as “Anaconda” that ventilated on Gregorian calendar month eight, 2020. The prequel series was to start ninety-seven years before the events of the initial series, at the beginning of the nuclear disaster that tired much all life on Earth. The solid was to incorporate Iola Evans as Callie, Adain Bradley as Reese, and Leo Howard as August. Sadly, in Nov 2021, The CW confirmed it had determined to not move forward with the prequel series.

The hundred Season 8: solid

The main characters of the series embody Eliza Taylor as Clarke mythical creature, Thomas McDonnell as Finn Collins, Bob E. W. Morley as Bellamy Blake, Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake, Devon Bostick as opaque gem Jordan, St. Christopher Larkin as Monty inexperienced, Lindsey Morgan as Raven Pablo Neruda, and Richard Harmon as John white potato.

The other lead characters enclosed Paige Turco as Clarke’s mother Dr. Abby mythical creature, Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Kane, and Isaiah Washington as Chancellor Thelonious Jaha.

If the series was ever revived, viewers would seemingly see the comeback of the most and lead characters on top of.

The hundred Season 8: plot line

The hundred is about ninety-seven years when a harmful nuclear disaster wipes out much all life on Earth. Thousands of individuals currently continue to exist, an area station orbiting Earth known as the Ark. Three generations are born in the house, however once the Ark’s equipment systems fail, 100 juvenile inmates a taken to Earth in a very ultimate effort to get if it’s inhabitable, or at the terribly least, to conserve resources for the Ark’s living individuals.

They discover that some individuals survived the apocalypse: the Grounders, World Health Organization board clans with power struggles; the Reapers, World Health Organization were become cannibals by the Mountain Men; and therefore the Mountain Men, World Health Organization board Mount Weather and a descended from those that fast themselves away before the apocalypse. The kids attempt to survive the cruel surface conditions, confront aggressive grounders, and establish a reference to the Ark below the command of Clarke and Bellamy.

The last season of The hundred series enclosed plenty of cameos, likewise as many sudden key character deaths that had viewers riveted to their seats till the ultimate episode. Producer Jason Rothenberger knew by the top of season vi that the seventh season would be the series’ last and final season. In August 2020, Rothenburg announce to his Twitter account:

“With solely some days until the top of Season vi of #The100, I’d wish to provide some unhappy news: Season seven are our final season.”

The destiny of fan favorite Bellamy continues to be up for discussion amongst viewers, but, for the foremost half, the series was able to shut out the plot line with none of the major backlash from fans.
If you have got not nevertheless seen all seven seasons of The hundred, they’re presently out there to stream at no cost on Netflix within the US. All seasons of The hundred also can be found on YouTube, iTunes/Apple TV, Google Play, Vudu, and Amazon Prime however should be purchased.

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