OMG! The Best iPhone 14 PRICE IN PAKISTAN 2022 Ever!

iPhone 14

For the first time ever, Apple’s launch of its latest flagship phone, the Apple iPhone 14 has created a buzz around this year, and it will bring out new ideas about future smartphones from them. This smartphone will come with an improved battery that can last up to 11 hours and 2 days without charging. It will also come with a 5G variant for those who have not yet opted for cellular networks but would like to have access to 4G when using the internet.

The new model comes with a display size of 6.1 inches IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 2468 x 1344 pixels. This is the most important thing for users who want an ultra-modern look with a more powerful processor that may be able to power some very demanding games. Furthermore, there are many great features such as an IP68 waterproof body that offers protection against water and dust from rain and wind, a 3D scanner and so on. Moreover, there will also be 12GB RAM and 256GB storage options. You can buy this device by either a preorder or an in-store purchase.

For one, the design of the product is quite different. Compared to previous models such as the Notebook 13, iPad Air and iPhone 8, which were all made out of glass, the design of the iPhone 14 will see it made out of aluminum and glass.

Apple is working hard to make the devices look different. They will use a rounded edge design that gives a look that is more modern and sophisticated than other phones, but still looks familiar. Alongside, there will be two rear cameras at the back of the device, which include a wide lens with 120-degree field of view and a telephoto lens with 200-degree field of view.

There are also three rear camera lenses at the front including a Wide Lens with 123x zoom and f/2.8 aperture with Dual pixel CMOS AF sensor. A special feature is that the iPhone 14 will get support for Cinematic Mode, something that will make sure you capture photos without distortion in every direction. The iPhone 14 will have a Super Retina XDR screen with a resolution of 2300 × 1035 pixels with a Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

This smartphone is extremely sleek. To give a proper appearance, the home button is placed underneath the top edge of the glass front face. When holding the phone, it feels like a normal handset, with just a small case in the upper left corner.

However, if you want to take the iPhone 14 in your hand, then you would need to put it in a leather case separately. Lastly, the packaging of the iPhone 14 will consist of a large charger to keep it charged. The base variant is available in multiple colors, and it is priced at Rs. 269,999 and while adding a 64 GB version costs Rs. 299,000. An extra 32 GB variant of 512 GB costs Rs. 280,000 and an even bigger 1 TB version starts at Rs. 297,000.

These prices can be higher depending upon various factors such as the storage capacity available. If a user wants more speed, then they will have to spend double the amount. But overall, Apple iPhone 14 is priced somewhere between Rs. 300,000 to Rs. 5000.

The iPhone 14 has been announced almost a week after the release of the next generation iPhone 13 model. Therefore, the demand for the latest iPhone model will go up. Due to the introduction of the new version, Apple has not released any specifications or details of the phone. All we know is how amazing it looks like.

So far, the specifications include a 48MP main lens, a dual-camera system that consists of a 50MP primary lens in the same lens range, and an 8MP ultra-wide lens. The phone’s battery is said to be 15 hours and 29 minutes. It takes up to 17 hours for the phone to charge at full power and 6 hours for it to be fully charged. And, the 128 GB option will provide up to 6 hours of additional juice when using both SIM cards.

Both cases come in black color and gold case that has a holographic display design. The cases come with four color choices and two matte colors. So it is safe to say that the overall design is pretty good. The device measures 197.4 × 76.9 mm and weighs only 158.6 grams.

For now, the Apple iPhone 14 is expected to arrive in September 2021 and if you want to order the device in any country including the UAE then place an advance payment on their website. You can also contact the seller/company directly if you buy online.

Currently, it is being sold in several markets across the world. Let’s hope soon we will see more information about its release, pricing and whether the product comes with a wireless earbud.

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