All that we are familiar Star Wars Eclipse

Star Wars Eclipse

First uncovered at The Game Awards last December, the introduction uncover trailer for Star Wars Eclipse was unquestionably striking. Perhaps quite possibly the most extraordinary pieces of Star War related media of the beyond couple of years, in spite of it being a spoiler, there is hardly anything you will not anticipate from seeing two new characters step into any screen space—yet all that we are familiar Star Wars have never been.

This particular reveal is no different: Star Wars Eclipse is one of those rare exclusions that makes up a big chunk of Disney’s universe, and while this announcement has been rumored to be more than likely far away, what it actually is really is yet another glimpse in more familiar.

Star Wars Eclipse

Star Wars Odyssey will show up on February 10, 2021, on Disney+, and it should go without saying how much it would be an entirely satisfactory thing to watch over the next seven months. However, for Star Wars fans who love their lore, though, the reveal may surprise them. It isn’t too hard to see why, as Star Wars has become such a household name, and yet its influence and impact on film art and literature may be even greater.

You cannot help but fall in love with the feeling when you see a story unfold or a character start growing in stature. For instance, the incredible work done by Paul W. Bank son and Robert Fisher on “Sith” is one example, and both men have written numerous fan fiction stories about Darth Vader’s rise to power, and several novels and short films detailing his exploits.

“Rangers of New York,” a 2016 anthology collection penned by George RR Martin and illustrated by Dave Bautista, features many memorable moments that were filled with brilliant dialogue and images. While none of the illustrations were particularly innovative, they certainly did add to the aura of fantasy that surrounds the heroes.

One that sticks out the most in “Rangers of New York,” however, is that of Darth Maul, played by Oscar Isaac, during a flashback sequence. His presence in that image is still quite unsettling to some people, but I personally believe the idea behind it was genius. After all, Maul has already caused us to question the future of the Jedi Order, so adding another villain would only serve to further solidify the notion that he no longer represents the dark side, and could prove to be detrimental to his followers’ future.

As aforementioned, Disney+ has released numerous news-related items over the years, including reports that revealed Ken obi was coming in 2020, and yet I didn’t think anyone expected something like that to happen, considering Rey’s arrival just a few years ago.

Of course, none of this can make up for the absence of the original trilogy, and many fans were disappointed when Lucasfilm dropped plans for a prequel. Fans have continued to wait over a decade for this movie, which has seen multiple delays and plenty of rumors swirling over whether this might be finally finished.

A year ago, a report was released claiming that Disney had started working on a successor to Rogue One, but nothing came of it. Fans were also devastated when word filtered back that Jonas Suotamo may no longer return for the role he played in 2017’s prequels, nor for the highly anticipated Solo sequel that is currently filming in Vancouver, Canada.

In all honesty, the entire saga should end soon, and that time has come, after nearly 50 years since Return Of The Jedi made its debut. Fortunately or unfortunately, the fact remains that Disney has kept up appearances throughout a number of fan-requested reruns. In addition to appearing in Marvel Studios’ recent blockbuster Black Widow, Disney dropped hints regarding Star Wars fans wanting to meet Kylo Ren himself for the first look trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons, a spinoff to the hit video game franchise that appears to be set at least partially dedicated to Darth Vader.

Meanwhile, the Russo brothers and producers seem to be having a blast working on the upcoming Obi Wan Ken obi feature once again, and it looks like these guys are doing their best to keep fans happy with every new project they announce. With that said, expect a full roundtable discussion after everyone’s gone home.

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