Discovering Best Himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan Rock Salt is handily mined from the mines situated in the foothills of the Himalayas. Rock Salt at this phase is in the form of large or small Lumps, these Lumps after skillfully crafted and having a proper shape with a light bulb is called Wholesale Himalayan Salt Lamp.

These illuminating pieces can be transformed into any kind, shape, and size. Above is the short introduction of Salt lamps Wholesale let’s discover Himalayan salt lamps briefly through this article?

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp Wholesale is basically Rock Salt pieces that are mined from the mines. These mined Himalayan Salt pieces are firstly washed and cleaned to avoid any type of dust and polluted outer material like mud etc.

washing is a very important procedure without washing the stone we will be unable to get the real pure color of the Salt. After washing these rocks, they are left to dry under sunshine or by drying machines. There is a very important point to be noted that Salt Lamp’s color and shades vary from stone to stone.

Himalayan Rock Salt has layers of different colors in it. This color variation is due to the extra 84 essential minerals in it. These minerals give Salt Lamps Wholesale an enchanting look.

Crafting of Rock Salt Lumps in different Shapes.

After washing and drying these lumps, they are crafted in any kind of shape. This is the property of Himalayan Salt that it can be transformed into any desired shape. There is a huge variety in shapes that they vary from natural to properly crafted shapes.

Simply we can say that Salt lamps can be manufactured in any shape like Natural, crafted, and geometrical shape. Pyramid, Ball, Swan, skull, Buddha, Buddha head, melon, Heart, round, square shape bowls, etc. all are the most demanding shapes of Himalayan Salt lamps Wholesale.     

Verities in Shapes.

When Himalayan rock salt is mined from the core of mountains, it is in different sizes. The size of a Rock Salt Lamp is depend upon the demand of the customer. Because it can be produced in any size. Like a simple natural salt can be produced in 1 kg to 5 kg. The same is the case in Crafted salt lamps.

The size of salt lamps depends on the size of the rock. Before giving it any shape it is very necessary to know the weight of the Rock Salt lumps so can be calculated what size it will behave after crafting. A normal size crafted lamp can have 3 to 4 Kg weight.

Diversities in Bases.

After giving a proper shape and defining Himalayan Salt Lamp Wholesale size it comes to the base. Salt lamps also have diversity in bases material. Anyone can choose based according to their taste.

The wooden base is the commonly used base for all kinds of lamps but there is also marble to have a base of your taste. Marble can be in black or white now it is up to you what suits your rooms and to your décor taste. Beautiful Base enhances the beauty of wholesale Salt lamps.

Multi-color lights.

While crafting or manufacturing wholesale Himalayan Salt Lamps there is always a hole at their bottom. The hole on the bottom is to give place to the bulb to lighten our Salt Lamps.

These beautiful colors of bulbs bless our lamps with a beautiful enchanting look. These lights can be different according to our taste. When we place a red color bulb with an electric cord at the bottom it illumines the whole lamp in the very beautiful manner that it emits umber glowing light that lights up our homes or offices.

Multi-color lights have their own charm. The changing beautiful coloring light gives a glowing and changing effect to our moods and rooms.

Electric Cords.

Salt Lamps themselves have beauty in them but when we lit them up with the help of an Electric cord or bulb it gives the best glowing effects. We also can set the intensity and density of light according to our taste and mood with the dimmer on the electric cord.

There are actually two types of Electric cord that are commonly used for Salt Lamps wholesale first in on/off cable and second with dimmer to set the light according to our interest.

What are the benefits of Wholesale Himalaya salt Lamps?

Himalayan salt lamps wholesale have numerous benefits lies in their usage. These benefits vary from decorating our livings to soothing our health. Wholesale salt lamps are a beautiful and eye-catching addition to our interior.

It also gives soothing to our eyes. It absorbs all pollutants from the air and purifies the air from dust and germs.  It leaves negative ions, after getting energy from light in the air.

These negative ions cancel the charge of positive ions found in the air that cause different types of allergies and other skin problems etc.

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