The 1 to 7 ‘Stab’ Franchise: A Definitive History


Stab Films

The Stab films — initially introduced in Scream two as a fictional picture series supported the “real” events happening to the residents of Woodsboro, American state — provide Wes Craven and screenwriters Kevin Williamson and Ehren statesman an area to lampoon the horror genre in a very large manner, whereas still keeping the most franchise comparatively grounded. (Relatively!)

A generally appreciative audience for ‘Stab’

So before the NEW Scream (aka Scream five aka 5cream) arrives, and brings with it new updates to the Stab-verse, here’s a fast summing up of wherever the series has taken the U.S. to date.

STAB (1998)

Heather Graham in ‘Stab’ (but extremely in ‘Scream 2’ – it gets weird around here!)

After the initial Ghostface killing spree within the city of Woodsboro, delineate within the original Scream, newsperson and spectator current of air Weathers wrote a sensationalized, tabloid-style chronicle of the events, titled

The Woodsboro Murders. Sunrise Studios then purchased the rights to Weathers’ book and brought in veteran horror producer Milton to develop it into a slasher film (with an eye fixed toward a replacement franchise).

He successively brought in movie maker Henry Martyn Robert Rodriguez, UN agency had recently collaborated on 2 comes with Quentin Tarantino: the compendium film Four Rooms and therefore the evil spirit action-thriller From hour until Dawn. (This last entry is probably going to what created John Milton take into account Rodriguez for the Stab gig.)

Rodriguez brought in Tori orthography to play the lead role as Sir Philip Sidney town, reflective Sidney’s own casting prediction, created nonchalantly to friends throughout the $64000 life Woodboro killings. The forged additionally enclosed David Schwimmer as Dewey James Whitcomb Riley, industrious actor Jennifer Jolie (not a true life actor however AN actual fictional character!)

as the current of air Weathers, Luke Wilson as Billy Loomis, and Heather Graham as Casey Becker, UN agency like actor Barrymore within the original Scream gets dead throughout the ill-famed Stab cold open. (In the hyper-titillating world of Stab, she’s taking a shower prime school assignment for picture night, instead of simply specializing in the popcorn.)

No, we’re unsure what this meant either.

The plot follows the essential definition of the primary Scream picture, with a few keys for the most part shower-related deviations. A covert killer referred to as Ghostface stalks the city of Woodsboro. He makes Sir Philip Sidney town his primary target, having dead her mother Maureen the year before. In the end, Ghostface is unconcealed to be a cooperative effort between Billy and Stu Macher.

STAB two (1998)

In a nod to Scream and its follow-up popping out among the area of one year (albeit those 2 were technically a minimum of in 1996 and 1997, severally), Stab and its sequel were each discharged in 1998.

It’s supported the events of the film Scream two and, once more, was impressed by a current of air Weathers book — during this case, school Terror. (She’s not super-great with titles.)

Henry Martyn Robert Rodriguez left the project — perhaps to finally get the college off the ground? — therefore Milton brought in long-time (fictional) collaborators Boche Rapp and Fred Rifkin to jot down and direct the sequel.

Spelling, Schwimmer, and Jolie reprised their lead roles as Sir Philip Sidney, Dewey, and Gale, whereas — going by Scream 3’s script, albeit not mentioned within the film — Christine Hamilton joined the forged as dead Windsor collegian Cici Cooper (who was competed by Sarah Michelle Gellar in Scream 2).

once the film, Hamilton started a real-life relationship with Cotton Weary, the innocent man whom Sir Philip Sidney had ab initio control liable for her mother’s death before Billy and Stu’s involvement was created clear.

Sadly, within the gap scene of Scream three, each Cotton and Christine area unit is dead by the new Ghostface.

It’s value noting that we tend to ne’er truly see any footage from the film Stab two within the Scream franchise. All of our data regarding it’s been pieced along from info we discover call at Scream three, once we finally meet Milton and visit Sunrise Studios.


The doomed forged of ‘Stab 3: come back to Woodsboro’ on the film’s set

The first defy Stab three was set to be titled come back to Woodsboro and would be the primary film within the series supported a semi-original story. Cotton Weary was set to play himself and acquire killed within the gap scene.

Gale Weathers was additionally reaching to get killed during this entry, alongside a replacement character named Ricky Wafford, competed by fictional actor Mike Tyson Fox and impressed by the Scream character ruttish Meeks. (Whew, that’s tons of layers! Post-modernism!)

Jennifer Jolie came back as the current of air in Stab three, although her co-stars Tori orthography and David Schwimmer each left the series at now.

Young actors Angelina Tyler and Tom Prinze were brought in to require over as Sir Philip Sidney and Dewey, respectively, with Tyler beating out fifty,000 hopefuls in a very much-hyped talent rummage around for the new Sir Philip Sidney.

A feud between {john milton|Milton|John John Milton|poet} and long-time collaborator Fred Rifkin prompted Milton to rent hot young music video director Roman Bridger to require over Stab three.

Sadly, it seems, Bridger was the $64000, unwanted, secret blood brother of Sir Philip Sidney town, UN agency had ne’er gotten over the emotional trauma of being rejected by Maureen years past.

He’d been on the QT orchestrating the Ghostface killings from the terribly beginning, mentoring Billy Loomis as a part of a hellish revenge plot. Before being shot and killed by Dewey James Whitcomb Riley, Roman managed to execute Christine Hamilton, Cotton Weary, Sarah Darling, Tom Prinze, Angelina Tyler, Tyson Fox, Jennifer Jolie, and Milton.

The massacre stop working production of Stab 3: come back to Woodsboro for good and impressed current of air Weathers’ next book, Hollywood Horror.


Out of (minor) respect for the victims, Sunrise Studios took one or two years off before greenlighting a replacement defy Stab three, which in fact was supported current of air Weathers’ most up-to-date book.

Stab two director Fred Rifkin came back, alongside extant actors Tori orthography and David Schwimmer; as the long-time current of air Weathers actor Jennifer Jolie died on the set of the previous film, Hollywood lookalike Parker Posey was brought in to switch her.

We don’t get a glance at this version of Stab three, however a commercial that’s visible throughout Scream four indicates that it had an enormous supporting forged, additionally as well as Rutger Hauer, Elizabeth Banks, sage Getty, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Aniston, and can Smith.

(Meanwhile, we’ve got to guess there’s some pretty intense interest in seeing any footage Roman Bridger shot of the primary version of Stab three before he died his producer and his entire forged and so was killed himself. Did Sunrise ever take into account doing a “tasteful” unharness of this in some form?)

STAB four (2003)


Fed up with the infamy close her name, Sir Philip Sidney town eventually vulnerable to sue Sunrise over their continuing use of her chronicle. (As well, folks typically stopped making an attempt to kill her, therefore there have been no stories to adapt or current of air Weathers’ books to license.) therefore the studio rebooted the Stab franchise entirely, beginning a replacement original triad relating a contemporary story.

STAB five (2005)

According to Woodsboro High student and Stab franchise aficionado Jenny Randall, the fifth film contains a time travel part and is wide thought-about to be the worst entry within the series by fans.

STAB 6 (?)

We ne’er get a solid plot summary of Stab half dozen, and it’s not absolutely clear what year the film opened, although we are able to surmise it absolutely was doubtless 2007 or 2008.

we tend to see one sequence from the film in Scream 4: 2 friends — compete by Lucy Hale and Shenae Grimes — area unit on the brink of watching the horror film Saw IV once they get synchronic phone calls and Facebook messages from Ghostface, UN agency then shows up and murders them.

STAB seven (2010)

Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell in “Stab 7”

Again, we tend to solely get to check one temporary sequence from the seventh Stab film. This one opens with Kristen Bell and Pakistani monetary unit Paquin taking part in buddies Chloe and Rachel. They’re looking at the gap scene of Stab half dozen along and giving a snarky statement regarding the sure thing of horror films before Chloe stabs Rachel within the gut with a knife. that pretty compactly makes her point; I mean, she didn’t see that returning.

therefore the undeniable fact that it’s still a lot of coherent, timeline-wise than the Hallowe’en series is admittedly an expression of one thing.

For a lot of on Scream, click the image below to check what skeet shooting Ulrich (“Billy Loomis”) and Matthew Lillard (“Stu Macher”) had to mention regarding the first film’s twenty-fifth day.

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