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What Services Do Employment Agencies Offer?

Getting a job can be much easier if you are working under an agency since they have more connections. There are several reasons why you need a medical employment agency in Covington so better find out about it before you find an agency that can match your career goal. In that way, you can determine if you are choosing the right agency.

What is a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency acts as a bridge between people who are looking for a job and a company that is looking for staff. They do all the recruitment processes and they are skilled in screening people who have the potential to work for the position they are applying for. 

What Are the Responsibilities of a Staffing Agency?

Understanding the needs of the company 

To be able to give the right staff to the company the agency should be able to understand how the company works and what manpower is needed. In that way, they can assign the right person for the job vacancy of the company. 

Conducting Interviews 

They do the interviews for the candidate and they have to determine the candidate’s potential so they can assign them to the right client and know if they have the qualifications the company is looking for.  

Do a background check and employment history 

The agency is responsible for checking the background of the people who want to work under them, since they want to keep their reputation they make sure that they are hiring people who have a clan record and who have the right experience as well before they are passed on to their partners. Checking the background if an applicant can keep them away from troubles and issues in the future. 

Creating Contracts and looking at legal issues

The agency is the one making the contract and agreements but also consults with their partner to make sure they have the right details written on the contracts. They make sure that the agreements are beneficial to both the staff and the company, it has to be favorable for both. 

Training their staff if needed

The agency conducts training to improve the skills of their candidate just in case it is needed. However, most of the time they focus on potential candidates who are ready to work immediately. 

List of Services Offered by Staffing Agency


They hire people as a trial if they can give an outstanding performance, and if they do they can hand them directly to the company to work as regular. Some workers are even offered to be permanent by the company themselves. 

Short-term hire 

There are times when companies need to increase their manpower to cover the demands of their customers or clients. They usually contact their agency to get staff to work with them for a short time. For instance, the Christmas season can increase the flock of customers in a store, to be able to give the attention they need more salespeople are needed. They are called seasonal workers and hiring from the agency can be perfect. 

Long-term hire

Some companies need workers to stay for longer with them since they have staff who needs to retire or take an indefinite leave. To cover their prison they need new employees to fill in the positions, hiring from agencies can save them from doing the whole recruitment process and agencies usually have staffs that are ready to take the position.  

How Employment Agencies Work

As an agency, they conduct continuous hiring and screen candidates who can match their partner’s staffing needs. They do the whole recruitment process and keep potential candidates who can fill in the positions that are needed by their partners. The agencies act as employers for their staff, so they do all the paper works and communicate with their partners regarding any necessary things. 

How to Use an Employment Agency to Find Work?

As an applicant, it is good to also look into staffing agencies before working with them. Know their goals and visions and check if they match yours. After choosing one agency, you have to submit all your credentials and entrust them in giving you job opportunities. It is like working with one company but getting assigned to several assignments. 

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