Collagen Brands in the US: The Oldest and Most Influential Brands

Collagen is a protein in the body that aids in the strength of bones, and other tissues. It also helps to support the joints, muscles and promotes healthy skin, especially when combined with additional non-mandatory external oils

This protein is found in the skin, hair, nails, and bones. The most common varieties of collagen come from animals, such as bovine or fish collagen. Plant-derived collagen, on the other hand, is also accessible. 

Reputable brands produce collagen from several sources and sell supplement powders that help consumers suffice collagen requirements in their bodies. 

In this article, we have come up with some of the best collagen brands in the USA that you can trust with your eyes closed. However, before that, let us understand why you need these supplements and explain their effectiveness to overall wellbeing.

Why Do You Need Collagen Supplements?

There are several reasons to purchase collagen supplements, including the fact that they can enhance your health and reduce joint discomfort, so always consider picking the best ones:

  • Collagen is a protein that aids in the strength and flexibility of your skin, bones, and tendons.
  • Bodybuilders frequently take these supplements that help them acquire lean muscle mass and definition.
  • Collagen supplements can reduce joint inflammation and experience better joint pain alleviation.
  • You can experience a rise in energy and a better quality of sleep by taking collagen supplements.

Top Collagen Powder Brands In The USA

Given below is a list of all the old and reputable brands that produce collagen powders:

Viscofan COLLinsta

Viscofan developed the original COLLinstant product to be a design of high quality collagen peptide replacement for any protein-rich diets

Its hydrolyzed collagen type I and III peptides have a unique composition and a large number of critical building blocks for healthy joints, bones, and connective tissues, such as the amino acids proline, hydroxyproline, and glycine. 

Small peptides with no taste or odor are easily digested and have a high bioavailability. The absence of chemicals and preservatives in Viscofan’s COLLinstant® results in a light yellow powder that is nearly allergen-free and hypoallergenic. 

The firm uses bovine skin, which the World Health Organization (WHO) has designated as a category four tissue with no detected infectivity (same level as milk). Their expertise in collagen manufacture stems from over 85 years of experience in the industry.

Great Lake Wellness

Great Lakes Wellness has been manufacturing collagen products since 1922. In 2009, they created the first tasteless, single-ingredient collagen that could be added to any beverage.

This company is now using that knowledge by developing professionally developed products with specific health benefits. Collagen, powders, and gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, and keto-certified oils are available.

GLW’s hydrolyzed collagen contains significant amino acids needed to keep your hair, skin, nails, and joints healthy. Quick Dissolve for Everyday Wellness.

These collagen peptides are easy to include in hot or cold beverages, making them great for coffee, tea, smoothies, or recipes. There are no added dairy, sugar, or sweeteners. There is no flavor or odor. 

Further Food

Your most effective weapon for transforming your health is what you consume. Further Food creates wholesome, nutritious food that you can rely on. They feel that the items should be manufactured from natural substances. 

The Further Food collagen peptides are composed of 18 amino acids and are derived from grass-fed bovine skins (8 essential). This collagen may be used on a daily basis to minimize wrinkles, promote skin suppleness, and conceal cellulite and stretch marks. 

Wrapping It Up!

Collagen is present naturally in our bodies and aids in a variety of activities, including skin regeneration, bone strengthening, muscle mass increase, and joint pain relief. 

According to some research data, oral collagen supplements may minimize skin aging and arthritic symptoms. However, point to be noted: collagen supplements will not replace the body’s natural capacity to manufacture collagen from a balanced diet.

In any case, you must not start taking these supplements on your own. 

If you seem to face a problem or fall short of collagen in your body, visit a doctor and take prescribed supplements only.

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