Men’s Glasses Styles That Are Perfect For The Office

Men, one of the major factors that need to be taken into consideration while styling glasses is the occasion for which you are styling them. Just like you style your dress or your footwear based on different occasions, you need to do the same for your glasses too. 

It is highly recommended that every man’s wardrobe should host a collection of glasses, with pairs suited for every occasion. This is where Specscart comes in. This Manchester-based eyewear brand promotes that one should have glasses for every mood and occasion with its tagline ‘A Frame For Every Game’. It also makes this possible by offering top quality pairs at pocket-friendly prices so that buying multiple pairs is not a burden on your pockets.

In this writeup, we will talk about the best men’s glasses’ styles for the professional workplace. Glasses can elevate your physical appearance at the workplace by adding a touch of professional elegance.

Here are the styles of glasses that are ideal to be paired with your professional attire. Before you buy men’s glasses for the workplace, do take these below listed trending styles into consideration.


Not just the professional workplace, browline glasses are great for every occasion that lies towards the formal end. The offbeat structure that comprises a relatively thicker upper rim and a sleek metal frame at the bottom portion provides a striking contrast to browlines. This goes a long way in accentuating the facial features of an individual and making them stand out. 

Talking about a professional appeal, the variants that are superb for men include the basic all-black frame browlines, browlines with tortoiseshell frames, and also browlines in round style. 

So get a pair of browline glasses to make a professional fashion statement at your workplace.

Rimless Glasses

Rimless glasses display a solid sophistication, and it needs to be noted that a sophisticated style will never go unnoticed at the workplace.

By taking an unique route of a frameless structure with sleek metal temples, rimless glasses set the stage for something purely charming. It is the crystal clear lenses that are the central figures when you style rimless glasses. Along with a polished elegance, the frameless front portion in combination with the transparent lenses cause no hindrance to one’s facial features. 

When it comes to rimless glasses for the workplace, the amazon thing is that it is super simple to make a choice as there are hardly any pairs that don’t fit well in the office. However, to keep the professional element at its peak, rectangular rimless glasses for men are a game changer. 

Round Glasses

Recently, while shopping for online glasses, I was amazed by the huge collection of round glasses. There is probably no occasion for which you will not find an ideal pair of round glasses. Such is the versatility of this style that has been there since the time glasses were invented. 

What is guaranteed with round glasses at the workplace is a classic retro appeal that is brilliant for a professional style. And for those with angular face shapes, things can’t get better if you need an enhancement of your facial features. 

For men at the workplace, timeless metal frame round glasses are class apart. To keep it lightweight and high on quality, you can try out the titanium frames. You can even try out oversized frames with round glasses. Just avoid keeping it excessively funky.

Tortoiseshell Frames

Looking for a classic style at the workplace? Tortoiseshell frames are a perfect contender here. It is the eye-catching patterns that make tortoiseshell frames stand out. As you go about your daily tasks at the workplace, you will make heads turn with tortoiseshell glasses resting comfortably on your face. 

When it comes to choosing the right frame for your office, you need to be looking at the ones that not only impart a contrast but also maintain a balance. This is where tortoiseshell frames in conventional patterns with colours like brown and amber would be a great pick. 

As already discussed, browlines look exceptional with tortoiseshell patterns. The other style that you can’t miss out on is round glasses.

Rectangular Glasses

Rectangular glasses are a masterclass when it comes to something formal, and so are ideal for the workplace. Keeping things minimal with your style at the workplace is a great way to go and this is where rectangular glasses step in to perfection. 

The taller than wider frame front with sharp angles may be a simple structure, but when it comes to style, they bring about a polished elegance. What round glasses do for angular face shapes, angular frames like rectangular glasses do the same for face shapes that lie towards the roundish end. 

Metal frame rectangular glasses are certainly a solid style for the workplace. With rectangular frames, your options widen and you have a wider range of variants to choose from, ranging from the contemporary clear frame rectangular glasses to the sophisticated pairs with half-rim frames.

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