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5 Most Engaging Types of Product Marketing Videos to Boost your Conversions

In this digital age, marketers are coming up with innovative ways to market their products. Video marketing has become a hot trend. Businesses use it to explain the features and benefits of their products, and it helps in communicating with the target audience.

However, you need to know how to create an engaging and creative video to promote your products. Brands use product marketing videos to capture audience attention and convey valuable information about their business. You can use various ways to deliver your message to the viewers, from testimonials to tutorials.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the most engaging types of product marketing videos to boost your conversions.

Product Marketing Videos

Product marketing is the process of identifying customer needs and, after assessing their needs, producing a product that will solve their customers’ problems with the best solution. A product marketing video is used to introduce the product to the audience, highlighting the complete process from the product idea to the launching.

Marketers use it to cover the product idea and explain the features and benefits of their product. Brands use these videos to effectively communicate their message to the audience, giving them a competitive edge. It increases your customer engagement, and you can advertise your product’s new features and upcoming launches.

Product videos include the four Ps, product, price, placement, and promotion. That is why marketers use product marketing videos to enrich their marketing activities.

Animated product videos are pretty famous these days. You can use animated videos to promote your products. You might be thinking about the animated video cost; animation companies’ pricing varies between $10,000 to $15,000 for a 90-second duration video.

Five Types of Product Marketing Videos

You can use product videos to enhance your marketing. One of the key benefits of using these videos is content versatility. Let’s look at the most effective product video types.

Product Introduction Video

Brands use introduction videos to explain the features and benefits of your product and how your product can solve their problem. These videos are highly effective for marketing the software and solutions, and you can answer the questions the audience might have in their minds before purchasing the product.

Dropbox has created this video and conveyed its message exceptionally well. Their video explains how users can use their product for personal and professional work.

They beautifully guide viewers on how they can use it to send files to people who are not registered on Dropbox. The video beautifully explains the security and other significant benefits with the help of animations and motion graphics to keep the audience engaged.

It Helps in Promoting New Features

It might be challenging to think of innovative ideas for product videos. Due to technological advancement, new software and apps are introduced every day. Organizations can promote their new features by using product videos.

You can use product videos to showcase the newly launched features and how they benefit customers. You can increase the return on investment with the help of a product video and write a script that emphasizes the new features.

Let’s look at Mixpanel’s example; they used this product video to highlight the new features.

Use How-to” guides

Another effective way to enhance your product video is to cover how-to topics in your video. These videos support customers in learning the features of the product and how to use them. It helps in educating the audience on how they can use your product.

You can use these videos to improve your customers’ initial experience during the onboarding process. When you use product videos, you empower customers to take ownership and learn about the product, influencing the audience to purchase the product.

That is why marketers use product videos to activate the sales funnel and convince viewers to purchase their brand’s product.

The how-to videos educate the audience on how to use a product or platform.

Check out this video of Hootsuite, they beautifully explain how to use their product, and it is a part of their video series.

Showcase your Organization’s Culture

You can use videos to highlight your company’s culture. It is an ideal way to connect with the audience. Video has become an essential tool in the digital world, as it builds customers’ trust in your brand. In the tech industry, using videos is essential to humanize your brand.

Organizations can use these videos to highlight their employees’ stories and product creation. You can use these videos to communicate your values and mission and share your employees’ story who they are working to provide the best solution to the customers.

Share Customer Views about your Brand

A testimonial video is one of the best tools that help businesses in product marketing. You can create these videos using tools like Zoom recordings and VideoAsk. Viewers feel a sense of comfort when they watch the testimonial videos and check the feedback of existing customers.

Many companies post fake online reviews, which is why people don’t trust reviews these days. So, you can create a video that gives a face to the reviews and claims to influence the purchasing behavior of viewers. It will help in generating potential leads and turning them into customers. You can also approach your new customers for testimonial videos.

Closing Remarks

In recent years product marketing videos have become one of the most effective marketing tools. Marketers use it to convey their brand’s message, which helps explain the benefits and features of their products. Mainly technology companies use these videos to explain the functions of their products.

They need to explain to the inexperienced users about their product uses, which is one of the best ways to educate the audience. Marketers use animation in their product marketing videos to increase the efficiency of these videos.

The audience understands the message more quickly when watching the animation videos. It builds their trust in your brand. It is human psychology, most people prefer to watch animated characters and cartoons, and it triggers their emotions.

You can hire a credible animation agency that can create a top-notch animated video for your business. You can search for the 10 best animation studios in Seattle Washington, and select an animation company with extensive animation experience.

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