World’s second-largest missile maker MBDA hacked

A threat actor who goes online using the moniker Adrastea claims to have hacked European multinational missile manufacturer MBDA. It is reported that MBDA is a European multinational missile developer and manufacturer, the result of the merger of the main French, British, and Italian missile systems companies (Aérospatiale – Matra, BAE Systems and Finmeccanica (now Leonardo). The MBDA name comes from the acronym Missiles Company names: Matra, BAe Dynamics and Alenia. Before we released, they have been try best to do data disaster recovery.

Adrastea said they discovered critical vulnerabilities in the company’s infrastructure and stole 60 GB of confidential data.

The attackers said the stolen data included information on company employees’ involvement in military programs, business activities, contractual agreements, and communications with other companies.

“Hello! We are “Adrastea” – a group of independent experts and researchers in the field of cybersecurity. We have discovered critical vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure and gained access to company files and confidential data. Currently, The amount of data downloaded is about 60 GB.” Read the ad the group posted on a popular hacking forum.

“The downloaded data contains confidential and closed information about your company’s employees who are involved in the development of MBDA’s closed military projects (PLANCTON, CRONOS, CA SIRIUS, EMADS, MCDS, B1NT, etc.) and your company’s interests for the EU Ministry of Defense While commercial activities carried out (design documents, drawings, presentations, videos and photo (3D) materials for air defense, missile systems and coastal protection systems, contractual agreements with other companies Rampini Carlo, Netcomgroup, Rafael, Thales, ST Electronics, etc. and communication).

As evidence of the hack, Adrastea shared a link to a password-protected archive of links containing internal files related to the project and communications.

It was unclear whether the threat actors had only compromised one of the company’s state units, and they did not disclose details about the attack.

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