How Many Solar Panel do You Need to Power a House in Shreveport?

Before you shift to solar energy it’s best t consider a lot of factors and one of the most important factors is the number of panels needed for your home. Solar panels in Shreveport are provided by several solar providers, and you can visit the one nearest you to get an accurate estimate of how many solar panels are needed for your home. So be knowledgeable before you talk to your solar providers, so you can be in the same boat as you discuss the details with your solar providers. 

How Many Solar Panels Does It Take To Run A House Off-Grid?

Running your home solely using solar energy can be possible since you can achieve zero electricity bills by doing so, however, when calculating solar panels needed for a home there are several factors that need to be considered. And here are some of them. 

Annual Electricity Usage 

You have to determine your annual electricity usage, this is equal to the amount of electricity your use for the whole year, and they are measured by kilowatt-hours (kWh). It is measured by the number of appliances you have and how often you use them including other devices that consumes electricity. You can also use the last year’s bills to get a more accurate computation for your annual electricity usage. 10,715 kWh is the average electricity consumption of an American household. Once you have the total of your energy consumption for a year then you can use online tools to make your computation. 

Solar Panel Wattage 

There are several panels that can be used for your home, determining the solar pane wattage is essential to know how much energy can be produced and can cover your home’s needs. Wattage is measured by watts (W) and an average solar panel ranges from 250-400 watts of power.  

Production ratios 

This is referred to as the ratio of the estimated energy output of the system over time measured in kWh to the actual size which is in Watts (W). The ratio is never 1:1 and changes accordingly.  

How To Calculate How Many Solar Panels You Need

To get the most accurate solar panels needed in your home you can multiply your household’s hourly energy requirements by the peak sunlight hours in your area and then divide by the panel’s wattage. However take note that there are several factors that affect the efficiency of your solar panels such as: 

Hours of Sunlight in your Area 

The amount of sunlight that is received in each area in Shrvepirt varies, so make sure to know this data since it is needed to determine the number of panels needed for your home to get 100% solar efficiency. 

Quality of Solar Panels 

Invest in high-quality solar panels and with good brands, choose a solar provider who can give you solar panels that have these two features since they can be more efficient in collecting solar energy and they can last long. 

Solar panel Sizes

Makes sure to get larger solar panels since they are proven more effective than smaller ones. Always consider the recommendation of your solar provider since they know more and they can determine what solar panels size your roof needs. 

How Many kWh Can Your Solar Panels Produce? 

5kWh is the usual measurement of a regular size solar panel and it overs almost 400 square feet of roof. IT can produce around 350-850 kWh AC of energy per month. The consumption of a typical household is 897 kWh per month. There are several factors to add to the computation to get the exact amount of solar energy produced it will be best to ask assistance from your solar provider so you can et a good accuracy.

So how many solar panels do you need to power a house in Shreveport? The information above can give you an idea of answering this question, plus approaching the right solar provider in your area can give you the exact answer since they can do some inspection and are willing to assist you until you can get your solar panel installed. They are knowledgeable enough to give you figures that are more accurate, and they can explain to you details of how many solar panels are needed for your home. 

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